BHFS Co-Founder & Program Director Dr. Nayden Prahov attends ISCUA


In September 2019 Nayden Prahov, Co-founder and Program Director of BHF, attended the  1st Symposium of Conservation for Underwater Archeology (ISCUA)  on the island of Formentera, Spain, organized by the  Institute Balear d'Estudis en Arqueología Marítima (IBEAM). The Symposium serves as a platform for the dissemination of leading research in the preservation of maritime cultural heritage, for fostering the training of youngest generations in the field, as well as for creating links between different institutions and specialists. Nayden's presentation of "Conservation Challenges before the Submerged Heritage of Nessebar on the Western Black Sea Coast" raised the issue of the will to turn the submerged monuments of ancient Mesambria into a tourist destination and conservation problems that such undertaking would cause. Dr. Prahov presented the contribution of the Field School in Underwater Archaeology in Nessebar, organized by the BHF and the Bulgarian Center for Underwater Archaeology, towards the preservation, study and promotion of maritime heritage of the historical town,