Nearly 2000 students from over 65 countries have attended Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) since 2008. Most have fond memories of their experience with BHFS and their visit to the Balkans, spreading the word about us all over the world. We consider them friends and keep close contact with many via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. BHFS is always willing to support them in their academic and professional development with advice, consultation, recommendations and contacts. We are proud that some have already started working as archaeologists, museum workers and conservators. Others pursued different careers but acknowledged that they gained many useful skills and experiences during their participation in a field school. BHFS keeps its doors open for future collaboration, joint projects and initiatives with its alumni, who are interested in study, protection and presentation of Balkan heritage and who have good ideas and proposals for cooperation in research, conservation and cultural resources management.      


Nearly 15 % of our alumni have returned to BHFS. Since 2008, the BHFS have invited some alumni with appropriate skills, knowledge and motivation to return and take part in our projects as assistant instructors, activity or area supervisors. Four of our alumni were invited by Balkan Heritage Foundation as long-term volunteers in Bulgaria.


BHFS Alumni who returned as BHFS Volunteers:

  • Meghan McCandless, USA (2009)
  • Courtney Meredith, Canada (2009)
  • Alia Wallace, USA (2009)
  • Matthew Schueller, USA (2009)
  • Humberto de Luigi, USA (2011)   
  • Ilse de Waelle, Belgium (2012)   
  • Tamaki Suzuki, Japan (2012)
  • Laura Downing, USA (2012)
  • John Gorczyk, USA (2012)  
  • Aly Byrne, Australia (2013)
  • Brent Whitford, Canada (2014)      
  • Kristy-Lee Seaton, Australia (2014)   
  • Kristen Jones, Canada (2015)
  • Annette Morrow, USA (2016)
  • Orlene McIlfatrick, UK (2016)
  • Abigail Marie Sanderson, Canada (2016)
  • Walter Winters, USA (2017)   
  • Caity Concannon, USA (2017)    
  • Ross Bertinshaw, Australia (2017)
  • Shane Curro, USA (2017)
  • Barbara Remedios, USA (2017)
  • Michael Cooper, New Zealand (2017) 
  • Lennane Kent, New Zealand (2017)  
  • Patricia Salata, Canada (2017)
  • Jaye Berman, USA (2017)
  • Emmett Culmsee, Denmark (2018)       
  • Asma ALRomaithi, USA (2018)
  • Sophie Magnet, USA (2018)   
  • Jenna Lee Mackrides (2018)  
  • Jilly Lederman (2018)            
  • Sean Fay, USA (2018)
  • Dianna Fatseas, Australia (2018)   
  • Olivia Hall, USA (2018)
  • Bethany Schwartzkopf, USA (2018)
  • Stefanie Petrovic, Australia (2018)
  • Olivia O'Rourke, USA (2018) 
  • William Phillips, USA (2018)
  • Nicholas Brown, USA (2018)


Our Alumni Map:

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