BEMA Online Seminars - Balkan Heritage Field School


in Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology cover a wide variety of topics from archaeology, anthropology, heritage conservation and management to art history and museum studies.


The Seminars' geographical focus falls on Southeastern Europe, Asia Minor, Eastern Mediterranean, Black Sea and Caucasia but also to regions thematically or geographically related to them.


‘Bema’ (βῆμα) also means orators' podium in Greek. BEMA Online Seminars offer platform of specialists to spread their knowledge with interested audience around the globe. All lectures are presented in English.


The seminars are co-organized by the Balkan Heritage Foundation and the Department of Archaeology at the New Bulgarian University, take place on Zoom and are available for free upon subscription.

Recent research on the transitional Middle to Upper Paleolithic period in North Bulgaria: the earliest modern Homo sapiens from Bacho Kiro Cave in comparison with the data from Kozarnika and Temnata caves
13th March 2021

by Dr. Tsenka Tsanova

Department of Human Evolution

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany

Trypillia megasites from the 4th millennium BCE in the Ukrainian forest steppe. Can a single site tell us something about early urbanism?
6th February 2021

by Dr. Bisserka Gaydarska    

(Durham University, UK/ New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria)