BEMA Online Seminars - Balkan Heritage Field School


in Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology are a series of online archaeology seminars covering topics from the prehistoric, classical and medieval periods. All lectures are presented in English.


The seminars' geographical focus falls on Southeastern Europe, Asia Minor, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Caucasus region but can be expanded to include other areas thematically or geographically related to them.


‘Bema’ (βῆμα) also means orators’ podium in Greek. The seminars offer a platform for specialists in archaeology, but also other related fields like anthropology, conservation, art history and museum studies to share their knowledge with a global audience.


The seminars are co-organized by the Balkan Heritage Foundation and the Department of Archaeology at New Bulgarian University. They take place on Zoom and are available for free upon subscription.

Architecture of Power or the Power of Architecture – the Late Bronze Age fortified settlement of Bresto, Bulgaria
30th March 2023

by Dr. Phillip W. Stockhammer and Bogdan Athanasov

The Episcopal Complex at Golemo Gradište, Konjuh, North Macedonia
4th March 2023

by Dr. Carolyn S. Snively

Professor Emeritus of the Department of Classics at Gettysburg College and Co-director of the Konjuh Archaeological Project

Life and Death in Ancient Southern Phokis, Greece
3rd December 2022

by Dr. Andrew Koh

Associate Research Scholar in NELC and PI of the Yale Peabody Museum Ancient Pharmacology & Medicine Lab

Immersive Technologies for Cultural Heritage
15th October 2022

by Stefan Palitov

Extended reality, film and cultural practitioner and researcher

Attic pottery in ancient Thrace
4th June 2022

by Dr. Despoina Tsiafaki

Director of Research at "Athena": Research & Innovation Center in Information, Communication & Knowledge Technologies

Burial Practices at the Roman and Late Roman Necropoleis of Stobi
7th May 2022

by Dr. Silvana Blazhevska

National Institution Stobi, R. of N. Macedonia 

Sha`ar Hagolan excavation and their impact on our understanding of the Neolitisation processes in the Southern Levant
2nd April 2022

by Dr. Julien Vieugué and Anna Eirikh-Rose

Permanent researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS),    

Permanent researcher at the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), dig co-directors of Sha`ar Hagolan

The Byzantine Legacy
5th March 2022

by Historian David Hendrix,   

Founder of The Byzantine Legacy website

Tell Yunatsite, Southern Bulgaria. Recent excavations and new insights on the Chalcolithic in Thrace
5th February 2022

by Dr. Kamen Boyadzhiev

Head of the “Exhibitions” Department at the National Archaeological Institute with Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The Kitten Shipwreck and Ottoman Period Shipbuilding and Seafaring on the Western Black Sea
8th January 2022

By Dr. Kroum Batchvarov

Associate Professor of Maritime Archaeology at the University of Connecticut

The Fate of a Roman Road Station after Antiquity
4th December 2021

By Alexander Manev

Ph.D. Candidate in Classical Archaeology at National Institute of Archaeology and Museum (NAIM-BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria), Balkan Heritage Field School Instructor

Decolonizing the Study of Material Culture in Ancient Thrace and the Hellenistic Far East
6th November 2021

by Dr. Richard Wenghofer 

Associate Professor of Classical Studies at Nipissing University (North Bay, Ontario, Canada)

Bookbinding Workshops and Book Archaeology from the Library of the Monastery of St. Catherine, Sinai
2nd October 2021

by Dr. Nikolas Sarris

Conservator of paper and archive materials at the National Library of Greece

Phoenicians and Cypriots in the North? Objects, People and Networks in the Northern Aegean Area in the Geometric and Archaic Periods
10th June 2021

by Dr. Petya Ilieva

Institute of Balkan Studies and Center for Thracology,

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

A Microcosm of Roman Thrace’s Metropolis: Formative Urban Interactions in the Theater at Philippopolis
24th April 2021

by Dr. Matthew Shueller

Department of Classical Studies,

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Past and Present Studies of the Submerged Mesambria, Present-day Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
10th April 2021

by Dr. Nayden Prahov

Director of the Center for Underwater Archaeology in Sozopol, Bulgaria,

Founding Member of the Balkan Heritage Foundation

Early Byzantine Monastery on the Western Black Sea Coast near the city of Odessos (Varna, Bulgaria)
27th March 2021

by Dr. Vassil Tenekedjiev

Balkan Heritage Foundation Branch Manager – Varna

Assistant professor at the Department of Archaeology,

Varna Regional Museum of History.

Recent research on the transitional Middle to Upper Paleolithic period in North Bulgaria: the earliest modern Homo sapiens from Bacho Kiro Cave in comparison with the data from Kozarnika and Temnata caves
13th March 2021

by Dr. Tsenka Tsanova

Department of Human Evolution

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany

Trypillia megasites from the 4th millennium BCE in the Ukrainian forest steppe. Can a single site tell us something about early urbanism?
6th February 2021

by Dr. Bisserka Gaydarska    

(Durham University, UK/ New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria)