Advisory Board of the Balkan Heritage Field School


The Advisory Board of the Balkan Heritage Field School (officially established on 28 December, 2013) consists of prominent professionals and academics from leading national institutions and organizations of Bulgaria, Republic of North Macedonia and Canada. They are strongly committed to supporting  BHFS and guaranteeing, through their reputation and engagement in the field school projects/courses, the projects' high educational standards and quality.


Dr. Alexey Gotsev


PhD in Archaeology    

Associated Professor at the Department of Thracian Archaeology, National Institute of Archaeology and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.    

Director of Emporion Pistiros Archaeological Excavation Project and head of Bulgarian-British-Czech expedition at emporion Pistiros, Bulgaria (since 2004). 

Asst. Prof. Gavrail Lazov   

Archaeologist and Museologist

MA in Archaeology   

Director of the Department “Archaeology” at the National Museum of History, Sofia, Bulgaria   

Visiting professor at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria


Dr. George Bevan

University Professor and Archaeologist

Ph.D. in Classics

Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

Cross-appointments in the Departments of Classics, Geological Science and Engineering, and Art History/Art Conservation at Queen’s University

Dr. Daniela Cherneva   

Conservator of Ancient Pottery and Glass

Ph.D. in Archaeological Conservation and Restoration    

Senior Conservator at the Central Laboratory for Conservation Treatment and Restoration, National Museum of History, Sofia, Bulgaria


Prof. Dr. Ivan Gatsov 

Archaeologist and Traceologist   

Department of Archaeology, New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria

Dr. Krastina Panayotova      


Ph.D. in Archaeology

Associated Professor and Head of the Department of Classical Archaeology, National Institute of Archaeology and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Director of Sveti Kirik Archaeological Excavation Project in Sozopol (since 2009)



Dr. Lidia Domaradzka   

Epigraphist (Greek and Latin) and Classical Scholar

Ph.D. in Classical Philology   

Visiting professor, Sofia University, Bulgaria   

Former Teacher at National School for Ancient Languages and Cultures “Constantine-Cyril Philosopher”, Sofia, Bulgaria   

President of the “Pistiros” Association

Dr. Nayden Prahov

Founder of the Balkan Heritage Foundation, Underwater archaeologist

Ph.D. in Archaeology, Sofia University, Bulgaria. Director of the Centre for Underwater Archaeology, Assistant Professor, National Archaeological Institute with Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Adjunct Professor, CPCE, New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria. 



Dr. Silvana Blazhevska     


Ph.D. in Archaeology   

Archaeologist Curator of National Institution Stobi, Republic of North Macedonia   

Founder of the National Institution for Management of the Archaeological Site of Stobi

Dr. Yavor Boyadzhiev   


Ph.D. in Archaeology   

Associated Professor at the National Institute of Archaeology and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences  

Director of Tell Yunatsite Archaeological Excavation Project (since 2001) 



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