Application and Registration   

Application Process:

Thank you for your interest in BALKAN HERITAGE FIELD SCHOOL projects! Please carefully read through the entire process before you apply.

You are applying to attend a field school project or projects, which is/ are operating in a culturally diverse country under conditions that will likely be quite different from those to which you are accustomed to in your home country.


How to Apply:

1. Submit the online Application Form and get a confirmation within 2 working days!

This is the only way to apply. After submitting your application, you will receive (within 2 working days) e-mail confirmation from our Admission Officer that your application is received and being processed. If you do not receive confirmation, then your application likely didn’t arrive, or the e-mail you specified is incorrect, contact us for clarification after checking your spam folder. Balkan Heritage will review your application and reply with a decision within two weeks. If you are admitted to one (or several) BHFS project(s), you will receive by e-mail: 1) the BHFS admission notification (as an e-mail text) and 2) the Balkan Heritage Attendance Agreement as a PDF file.   


2. Register!

To register for your project(s), please:

2.1 Confirm by email the receipt of the Balkan Heritage Attendance Agreement within 2 working days. This action will reserve your spot for up to 21 days. Otherwise, your spot will be considered vacant.   

2.2. Carefully read and complete the required participant data in the Balkan Heritage Attendance Agreement.

2.3 Print out, sign and scan the completed document or sign it electronically.

2.4 Transfer a deposit of 500 Euros for the one and two week - projects or 800 Euros for a three or more week - projects via on-line credit/debit card donation, bank or money transfer.

  • Bank transfers can be made to the Balkan Heritage bank account (bank details can be found on page 2 of the Agreement.)       
  • Transfers via TransferWise

2.5 If the deposit is made via bank transfer, please scan the bank receipt. 

2.6 E-mail to Balkan Heritage the following documents: the completed and signed Agreement and a copy of the bank receipt (in case of a bank transfer). The documents should be e-mailed within the 3-week period following the admission acceptance date. Otherwise, the admission can not be completed and the enrollment will be cancelled automatically.   

2.7 Send by e-mail scanned copies of: the completed and signed Attendance Agreement, the bank receipt and the postal receipt, proving that the hard copies of the documents specified above have been sent to the Balkan Heritage office. The e-mail with the attachments should be sent within the 3-week period following the admission acceptance date.

The participant is considered REGISTERED only if s/he fulfills the activities specified above within the 3-week-period.

If the BHFS Admissions Officer does not receive by e-mail any of the documents requested in the 3-week period, the participant’s application will be automatically cancelled.


3. Plan your trip!

  • Confirm that your passport is current and will be for at least 6 months beyond your stay.  (If you do not have a passport or it is expired, apply ASAP as the process can take several weeks/months!) EU citizens don’t need passports, but only ID cards to enter Bulgaria, Greece and North Macedonia. Passports are required for EU citizens for Montenegro and when traveling across any non-EU member state.
  • Please leave a copy of your passport and flight details with a family member or friend. If you lose your passport, the embassy will likely ask for that copy in order to reissue a passport.
  • If you require a visa for Bulgaria/North Macedonia/Greece/Montenegro (Refer to the list here:, start the process as soon as you receive the admission notification! We can provide an official Balkan Heritage invitation letter and the Bulgarian/North Macedonian/Greek/Montenegro Embassy in your country will be informed about your purpose of stay.
  • Book your flight as early as possible!
  • Carefully read the Balkan Heritage info-sheet to get prepared for your stay and fieldwork in Southeastern Europe!


Still having questions? Contact our admissions officer for a quick reply!

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