Field School Programs in Archaeology, Historic Preservation and Art History

  • Discover the most ancient civilizations in Europe!

    Discover the most ancient civilizations in Europe!

    Learn, travel, discover the past and support the cultural heritage with the Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) programs in ARCHAEOLOGY, HISTORIC PRESERVATION / HERITAGE CONSERVATION and ART HISTORY while making an unforgettable journey to the most ancient civilizations of the Old world. Choose from 22 programs in 4 countries.

  • Scholarships for the Field School at Tell Yunatsite

    Scholarships for the Field School at Tell Yunatsite

    Thanks to a generous donation by BHFS alumnus Robert Goodwin and his company Stone & Compass, we are pleased to announce two new scholarships for students attending Session 3 (24 June - 22 July 2017) of the Tell Yunatsite project in Bulgaria.

  • The beginning of a beautiful friendship

    The beginning of a beautiful friendship

    More than 1500 students (aged from 16 to 79) from 55 countries attended the BHFS in the period 2008-2016. Approx. 15% returned to the BHFS once or more. Because of the experience & opportunities & discounts for alumni & friends. We hope that you can find an appealing project in the BHFS program and join us this spring or summer.

  • Early Bird Special offers! Save Up To 420 EUR!

    Early Bird Special offers! Save Up To 420 EUR!

    Take advantage of the inexpensive EURO these days! Our admission fees (all in EURO) are cheaper than ever in US Dollars, Canadian and New Zealand Dollars, Swiss Francs and British Pounds!      

    Benefit from our Early Bird special offers: Up to 10% discount off all the BHFS admission fees by 31 January, 2017!

  • BHF - IFR Partnership Program

    BHF - IFR Partnership Program

    Explore the opportunities to get a scholarship and earn 12 quarter credit units (equivalent to 8 semester units) awarded through UCLA Extension, USA attending the Balkan Heritage Field School thanks to the partnership with the Institute for Field Research, USA


  • Learn more & Travel more & Save more with BHFS Project Packs!

    Learn more & Travel more & Save more with BHFS Project Packs!

    Add more value to Your experience with the BHFS and the Balkans combining 2 or 3 field school projects at different sites from different historical periods located in two European countries in 1 Pack. Duration: 4 to 8 weeks. SAVE up to 400 EUR!   

  • Why the Balkans?

    Why the Balkans?

    Find out what makes the Balkans a unique part of Europe with more than 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – a legacy of 1,6 million year old human history and almost all ancient civilizations present at the Old Continent!

Learn, Travel, Discover and Support cultural heritage with Balkan Heritage Field School

Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) at a glance:

  • Started in 2008 & 85 field school projects conducted
  • 1500 students from 55 countries attended the BHFS
  • Field schools take place in Bulgaria, Greece, R. of Macedonia and Montenegro
  • Credit hours awarded through University of California Los Angeles - Extension (USA), New Bulgarian University (Bulgaria) and Queen’s University (Canada)
  • International pool of instructors & Instruction in English
  • Excursions to historical and archaeological sites including UNESCO world heritage sites

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BHFS archaeological digs & archaeological field schools at:

  • Neolithic settlement - 6th mill. BCE
  • Prehistoric tell and one of Europe’s first proto urban centers in the Copper Age - 5th mill. BCE
  • Bronze Age fortress from the time of the Trojan war and collapse of the Aegean civilization - 13th-12th c. BCE
  • Sacred area of an Ancient Greek & Byzantine on the Black Sea coast - 7th c. BCE - 7th c. CE
  • Ancient Greek trade-center/ emporion in Ancient Thrace - 5th- 3rd c. BCE
  • Two Roman provincial capital cities - 1st c. BCE - 6th c. CE
  • Early Christian Byzantine monastery on the Black Sea coast - 5th -6th c. CE

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Programs & Courses in:

  • Historic preservation: Conservation of Ancient Greek pottery; Roman pottery & glass & mosaics & mural paintings; Byzantine and Post-Byzantine ecclesiastical architecture & mural paintings; Vernacular Balkan architecture; Historic metal & paper & textiles   
  • Art historical expeditions to: Byzantine and Post-Byzantine churches and Communist-era monuments
  • Training in surveying & recording heritage: Archaeological recording practices; Digital illustration; Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) & Computational photography; Geomatics: photogrammetry & GPS & total station & GIS etc.

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Why choose the BHFS?

  • High quality education, service and intercultural experience
  • Great variety of field school projects and packages in 4 countries
  • Participation in real ongoing research or conservation projects
  • Work in small groups
  • Fast, easy and safe application and enrollment
  • Affordable admission fees & various discounts
  • Academic credits and scholarships for university & college students
  • Internships & volunteer placements for alumni
  • Safe countries & environment
  • Comfortable lodging & flexible menu for various dietary needs

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