Prospective students   


If you've ever considered any (or all) of the following questions:
  • Could Archaeology or Conservation (or both) be my future job or hobby?
  • What is real archaeological and conservation work like and can I do it?
  • Why are the Balkans so important to the history and archaeology of the Old World and what is hidden out there?
  • How can I learn, explore, volunteer, have fun and contribute to a cause all at the same time?

Join a Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) today to get the answer.


The Balkan Heritage Field School provides opportunities for people interested either professionally or personally in archaeology and conservation to:

  • gain/expand their hands-on experience in archaeology, documentation and conservation of monuments and artifacts;
  • enhance their knowledge about the civilizations of the Old World and their skills in various aspects of field archaeology, documentation and conservation of monuments and artifacts;
  • broaden their intercultural experience and establish new contacts worldwide;
  • experience authentic Balkan hospitality and the heritage of so many ancient civilizations.

For students or specialists who need the experience for academic or professional reasons, BHFS guarantees high-quality training, prospective fields for study and cooperation, references from reputed international experts and credit hours by the New Bulgarian University.

For people who have archaeology and conservation as a hobby (or passion) we have more individual approach and create a friendly environment to help them enjoy more aspects of archaeology and conservation as well as Balkan life and culture.   


We don’t promise anything we can't fulfill.  We provide:

  • Informative and useful instruction by experienced and knowledgeable instructors;
  • Patient training which considers individual needs and progress;
  • Intercultural and travel experiences to remember;
  • Comfortable accommodation facilities (in most cases in hotels and guest houses);
  • Opportunities to obtain academic credits;
  • New friends.  
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