Prospective students   


If you seek answers of one of the following questions:
  • Could either Archaeology or Conservation (or both) be my future job or hobby?
  • What is the real archaeological and conservation work nowadays like and can I do it?
  • Why are the Balkans so important for the history and archaeology of the Old World and what is hidden out there?
  • How can I learn, explore, volunteer, have fun and contribute to a cause in the same time?

there is no time to hesitate but to join the Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) and to get it.


The Balkan Heritage Field School provides opportunities to people interested either professionally or not in archaeology and conservation:

  • to gain/expand their hands-on experience in archaeology, documentation and conservation of monuments and artifacts;
  • to enhance their knowledge about the civilizations of the Old World and their skills in various aspects of field archaeology, documentation and conservation of monuments and artifacts;
  • to broaden their intercultural experience and establish new contacts worldwide;
  • to experience authentic Balkan hospitality and face the heritage of so many ancient civilizations.

For students or specialists who need the experience for academic or professional reasons the BHFS guarantees high-quality training, prospective fields for study and cooperation, references from reputed international experts and credit hours by the New Bulgarian University.

For people who have archaeology and conservation as a hobby (or passion) we have more individual approach and create a cozy and friendly environment to help them enjoy more aspects of archaeology and conservation as well as Balkan life and culture.   


We don’t promise you anything we can't fulfill but:

  • Informative and useful instruction by experienced and knowledgeable instructors;
  • Patient training considering individual needs and progress;
  • Intercultural and travel experience to remember;
  • Comfortable accommodation facilities (in most cases in hotels and guest houses);
  • Opportunity to obtain academic credits;
  • New friends.  
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