Dear BHFS Friends,

During the 2017 archaeological season at our project in Bona Mansio – a Roman road station in Central Bulgaria, the archaeological team was delightfully surprised with a number of impressive finds including  medieval pottery and Roman age metal objects. All of them need urgent preventive conservation treatment to the value of 500 Euros (612 USD). In order to accomplish this, Balkan Heritage Foundation is initiating a donation campaign to support this work at the Archaeological Museum "Prof. Metzislaw Domaradski" in Septemvri. Make a donation toward the conservation of an item and your name will be listed on the donation page of the Balkan Heritage Foundation! Every euro/dollar matters!

Below you will find  pictures and descriptions of the finds included in the donation campaign.

As a nonprofit organization, Balkan Heritage Foundation relies on donors like you to help us in our mission to support the protection, management and promotion of the cultural heritage in SE Europe.

                Your contribution is vital to the success of our initiative! Give today!   


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