Tour of Sozopol (Bulgaria)

Tour of Sozopol (Bulgaria)   


This excursion is included in the programs of the following field schools and it is covered by the reimbursement payment:

- Underwater Archaeology in the Black Sea

- Apollonia Pontica Excavation Project

- Workshop for Conservation of Ancient Greek Pottery   


Sozopol is an ancient seaside town located 55 km south of Burgas on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Today it is one of the major seaside resorts in the country, known for the Apollonia art and film festival (which takes place in early September) that is named after one of the town's ancient names – Apollonia or even Apollonia Pontica. The busiest times of the year are the summer months, ranging from May to September as tourists from around the world come to enjoy the weather, sandy beaches, history, culture and fusion cuisine (Balkan, Mediterranean), and atmosphere of the colourful resort.    

Sozopol is one of the oldest towns on Bulgarian Thrace's Black Sea coast. The first settlement on the site dates back to the Bronze Age. Undersea explorations in the region of the port reveal relics of dwellings, ceramic pottery, stone and bone tools from that era. The earliest site is dated to the Neolithic (5250-5000 BC). During underwater archaeological excavations in the waters of the modern harbor, archaeologists have found the remains of settlements from the Copper age and Bronze age (4200-2500 BC). The current town was founded in the 7th century BC by Greek colonists from Miletus as Antheia. The name was soon changed to Apollonia, on account of a temple dedicated to Apollo in the town, containing a famous colossal statue of the god Apollo by Calamis, 30 cubits high, transported later to Rome by Lucullus and placed in the Capitol.      


The tour/price includes:

  • English speaking guide & travel assistant
  • All expenses of the guide & travel assistant
  • Sightseeing tour of Sozopol's Old Town Quarter and Fortress 
  • Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Sozopol
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