The Talking Pot: 

An Article About the Prehistoric Tell Yunatsite Published in the MAGAZINE EIGNT 2/2013

Every time when he was lifting the pot and drank it to the bottom, he was seeing that symbol. Apparently, it was saying something important, because even after he broke the pot, he didn't throw out the signed bottom, but he saved it. What is this symbol – a warning, a spell, magic? We don't know. The pot spoke to those who could understand it. We have obviously forgotten its language.   


At the settlement mound (tell) near the village of Yunacite, in the area of the city of Pazardzhik, around 10 marked pots have been found. Ass. Prof. Dr Yavor Boyadzhiev – an archeologist of NAIM at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, who has been studying the area for ages, is frustrated.   


There should be some very well-founded reason for the sign to be set at such a hidden place – on the inner side of the bottom of the dish, where it's not to be seen. It's not possible to delight the eye from there, so it wasn't for decoration. Such a symbol has not been found on other objects, so it's not an ornament either.   


And it's scratched very carelessly. Apparently, it wasn't important for it to be attractive, but just to be present. The whole composition at the bottom of the object is almost identical to the symbol at the back side of the infamous tile from Gradeshnitsa, which has been considered as one of the most certain monuments, proving the presence of proto writing around our land. It is from this period.........

The text is cited from the Magzine Eight 2/2013. Read the full article online on the Magzine Eight.