National Exhibition of Bulgarian Archaeology

Finds from the Balkan Heritage Field School projects along with 15 other projects are on display at the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, Sofia   

For a seventh consecutive year the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences will organize and host the National Exhibition of Bulgarian Archaeology, presenting the results of archaeological research in the course of the last archaeological season by exhibiting some of the most interesting finds and by displaying posters.The exhibition is also devoted to the 145th anniversary of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. This year the co-organizers of the exhibition are twelve historical and archaeological museums in Bulgaria contributing artifacts from their collections. The exhibition will be on display in the Central Hall of the National Museum of Archaeology from February 14th – the Day of the Archaeologist – until March 30th, 2014.


The exhibition presents finds from the early Prehistory to the Middle Ages found at 18 different sites in 2013 and 40 posters illustrating nearly a quarter of all the excavation projects conducted in 2013.


Among them are:

  • Richly decorated Chalcolithic vessels and Spondylus shell ornaments found at Tell Yunatsite during the Balkan Heritage Field School project in 2013;
  • Clay-seals and other artifacts found at Greek emporion Pistiros in Thrace unearthed during the Balkan Heritage Field School in 2013;
  • Impressive artifacts found in two ritual pits during the Balkan Heritage Field School project at the sanctuary complex on the island of St. Kirik, Sozopol (Ancient Apollonia Pontica): a great amount of one-wicked lamps and astonishing anthropomorphic and zoomorphic aryballoi and a cup bearing a graffiti inscription in honour of Apollo the Healer in Doric dialect. The last is considered to be indisputable evidence for identification of the site as the famous Temple of Apollo in Apollonia Pontica. Conservation of artifacts was conducted by Dr. Daniela Cherneva, BHFS Advisory Board member and chief conservator at National Museum of History and sponsored by the Balkan Heritage Foundation.
  • Impressive Late Neolithic anthropomorphic and zoomorphic vessels found during the excavation of Hauza locality near the village of Kapitan Andreevo, Southern Bulgaria, led by Dr. Sc. Prof. Vasil Nikolov (NIAM-BAS).

Read more about the exhibition on the website of National Institute of Archaeology with Museum