The Balkan Heritage Foundation Supported the Establishment of a New Exhibition at the Ethnography Museum in Sozopol

The Balkan Heritage Foundation supported the initiative of its partner - the Museum of Archaeology in Sozopol, to establish a new exhibition at the Ethnography museum in the coastal town. The museum is located in a traditional 18th century Black Sea region house in the Old Town Quarter of Sozopol. In the museum are exhibits related to local crafts, practiced for thousands of years, that illustrate the life and culture of the polis of Apollonia – Sozopol: fishing, production of wine and salt, metal production and metalworking, logging and wood processing, construction, pottery, textiles, clothing and other elements of everyday life of Strandzha Mountain coastal region. 

The Balkan Heritage Foundation donated 1150 euros for the preparation of the fascinating exhibition. It opened in August, 2016.