Tour of the ancient city of Stobi (Republic of North Macedonia)

Tour of the ancient city of Stobi (Republic of North Macedonia)


This excursion is included in the programs of the following field schools and it is covered by the reimbursement payment:   

Neanderthal Crossroads: Excavations at the Middle Paleolithic Site Uzun Mera and Peshka Rock-shelter   


The ancient city of Stobi was the largest city in the northern part of the Roman province Macedonia, later capital of the province Macedonia Secunda and important urban, administrative, trade and religious center during the Roman and Late Roman periods. Located at an exceptionally significant position, at the intersection of the two main roads, north-south road (Thessalonica-Stobi-Signidunum) and the diagonal road (Heraclea-Stobi-Serdica), the town possessed all preconditions for greater rise and development.

First historical records for Stobi are found in Roman historian Titus Livus, who recorded the Paionian urbs vetus Stobi as а place close to the battleground where Macedonian King Philip V defeated the Dardanians in 197 BCE.The same author reveals that in the period after 168 BCE, when the Romans conquered the Macedonian kingdom, Stobi entered the fourth meris, and became a trade center from where salt was distributed to the north, to Dardania. When the Roman province of Macedonia was established in 147 BCE, Stobi was the largest city in the northern part.      


The tour/price includes:

  • An English speaking guide & travel assistant;
  • Round trip transportation
  • All expenses of the guide & travel assistant, entries to galleries / museums and the driver
  • Travel insurance   
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