Period: Archaic Greek, Hellenistic and Early Byzantine
Session 1: 24 June - 7 August 2017
Session 2: 8 July - 21 August 2017
Academic credits available: up to 15
Admission fee starting from: 4047 EUR / approx. 4493 USD

The Project and Course

General Information

Description: The project package is combination of two Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) projects covering major chronological periods (Archaic and Classical Greek, Hellenistic, Roman and Early Bizantine) and topics (Ancient Greek Colonization, Ancient Greek and Early Byzantine culture, history and archaeology). For students, as well as others interested in archaeology, history and anthropology, it provides a comprehensive learning, field and intercultural experience for six  weeks at two sites along the Black Sea Coast. What is more, by choosing to participate in the BLACK SEA PACK the BHFS participants will benefit from considerably reduced admission fees and faster registration. Additionally, the program has amazing travel opportunities including tours to numerous archaeological sites and historic towns in Bulgaria.

Package type: Field school & archaeological excavation. Suitable for both beginner and advanced students as well as those interested in archaeology, history and anthropology. Individual program and task assignments are available to advanced students.

Sites combined in the Package:

  1. Apollonia Pontica - sector of the the ancient city's sacred precinct (temenos) located on St. Kirik island, Sozopol, Bulgaria
  2. Early Byzantine monastery on Djanavara hill near Varna, Bulgaria.

Periods of occupation: Archaic and Classical Greek and Hellenistic (seventh - third century BCE) at Apollona Pontica and Early Byzantine (fifth - seventh century AD) at Apollonia Pontica and Djanavara monastery.   

Venues of the projects in the Pack: The Black Sea towns of Sozopol and Varna, Bulgaria

Projects' partners: The Balkan Heritage Foundation;  Regional Museum of History - Varna; Archaeological Museum of Sozopol; New Bulgarian University; excavation teams from the National Archaeological Institute with Museum at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, from the Regional Museum of History - Varna and from the Archaeological Museum of Sozopol, Bulgaria; Institute for Field Research, USA

Pack sessions available:

  • Pack session 1: 24 June - 7 August, 2017
  • Pack session 2: 8 July - 21 August, 2017

Application deadline: Until the places are filled, or latest 1 May, 2017

Minimum length of stay: six weeks

Minimum age: 18 (16, if the participant is accompanied by an adult family member)

Number of field school places available: Average 15 to 30

Project language: English

Experience required: No

Special requirements: Participation in the Pack is not recommended for individuals with solar allergies or other special illnesses that might be exacerbated during intensive outdoor activities. The average summer temperature varies from 20°C/68°F to 35°C/95°F. Participants should bring clothes and cosmetics suitable for hot and sunny weather but should consider also possible rainy, windy and chilly days. They are expected to prepare for the digs by reading at least the BHFS handbooks that will be sent by e-mail before the beginning of each project. Participants will use the tools and equipment available at the sites and are not expected to bring any additional equipment.

The Project Package


The  BLACK SEA PACK provides two different combinations of the following Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) project sessions:

Please visit the field school project web pages above for details concerning each site, excavation and field school including the field school's program, recommended readings, travel & accommodation information and other practicalities!

Our admission officer is ready to answer all your questions concerning the PREHISTORIC PACK! Additionally the BHFS can provide alumni’s contact information for further feedback about the field school projects in the package.

The Pack Details


BLACK SEA PACK 1 (BS. PACK 1): 24 June - 7 August, 2017

Content and Dates:

Apollonia Pontica Excavations (AP.EXC 17) - Four-week session: 24 June - 22 July, 2017. BULGARIA   

Byzantine Cold Case File. Excavations of an Early Christian Monastery near Varna (VAR.EXC 17) - Two-week session: 24 July - 7 August, 2017. BULGARIA

Fees and Credits:

Admission fee: 4047 EUR (approx. 4493 USD).

Number of credit hours available: up to 15

BLACK SEA PACK 2 (BS. PACK 2): 8 July - 21 August, 2017

Content and Dates:

Apollonia Pontica Excavations (AP.EXC 17) - Two-week session: 8 - 22 July, 2017. BULGARIA

Byzantine Cold Case File. Excavations of an Early Christian Monastery near Varna (VAR.EXC 17) - Four-week session: 24 July - 21 August, 2017. BULGARIA

Fees and Credits:

Admission fee: 4047 EUR (approx. 4493 USD).

Number of credit hours available: up to 15

Travel & Accommodation   


Venues of the projects in the Pack:

  1. Sozopol, anceint Greek colony Apollonia Pontica
  2. Varna, the biggest Bulgarian town on the Black Sea Coast.

How to get there:

Participants should arrive first in the picturesque, small Black Sea coastal town of Sozopol, Bulgaria - a popular summer touristic destination.

The nearest air terminals: Burgas airport (45 km) and Varna airport (160 km). don't forget to check the low-cost flight options! If participants arrive at one of these airports, a transfer to Sozopol may be arranged by request (please, specify this in your application form!). Individual or group transfer prices may vary, depending on the number of passengers, from 20 to 100 EUR. Ask for details!

Bus lines connect Sozopol with Burgas, Sofia (the Bulgarian capital) and Plovdiv.

Travel between the field school projects in the Pack:

Sozopol - Varna

1. Bus from Sozopol to Burgas (approx. 30 min)

2. Bus from Burgas to Varna (approx. 2 hours)

The entire trip costs approx. 15 Euro   


All participants will receive a travel info-sheet in advance with basic travel instructions and information how to get to the hotel.

Students will be fully supported by the BHFS when planning and arranging their trip between the Pack's locations.


Accommodation & Meals & Free Time & Practicalities


Accommodation and 3 meals per day are fully covered by the admission fee. Please, visit each field school project page for all the details about accommodation, meals, free time and other practicalities.  

  1. Apollonia Pontica Excavations    
  2. Byzantine Cold Case File. Excavations of an Early Christian Monastery near Varna           


The complete program of the ANCIENT GREEK PACK has the following scheduled tours covered by the admission fee:   


24 June - 7 August

  • Sozopol (ancient Apollonia Pontica)
  • Nesebar (ancient Messambria) - UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Megalithic natural and archaeological site of Begliktash
  • Varna and Varna Museum of Archaeology
  • Balchik (ancient Dionysopolis)
  • Fortress Kaliakra
  • Archaeological reserve Yailata

8 July - 21 August

  • Sozopol (ancient Apollonia Pontica)
  • Nesebar (ancient Messambria) - UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Varna Museum of Archaeology
  • Devnya (ancient Marcianopolis)
  • Archaeological reserve Madara (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • First Bulgarian medieval capital Pliska

The Admission Fee   


The Admission fee includes: educational and fieldwork activities, full-board accommodation (hotel + 3 meals per day), tools, materials, issue of Certificate of Attendance, excursions / sightseeing tours, entrance fees and administrative costs.   

Admission fee: 4047 EUR / approx. 4493 USD

The price in USD is for orientation. Please check current exchange rates!   

Admission Fee Transfer Options:

- Bank transfer
- On-line transfers via the Balkan Heritage virtual POS Terminal VISA, MASTERCARD & MAESTRO cards are accepted.

For further information contact Admissions Office at [email protected]


Note, 5% of every admission fee for this project pack directly supports the Balkan Heritage Protection Fund's activities!   

For more information about scholarships, low-cost flights, hotels, etc. please feel free to contact us or look at our recommended links

Academic Credits   


New Bulgarian University (NBU) grants up to 15 credits to students in European universities for participation in the field school project sessions that are part of the ANCIENT GREEK PACK . Participation in any two-week/four-week session of each of the field school projects in the pack is awarded with 6/9 credit hours (ECTS)*. Participants in the various sessions of the ANCIENT GREEK PACK can obtain maximum of 18 ECTS* credits (Please refer to the list below!). They are allowed to require credits only for particular field school project sessions in the Pack, so practically they have choice between 6, 9 and 15 ECTS credits.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA-Extension) could grant 8 semester credit units (equivalent to 12 quarter units) to all students who study outside Europe for attending the four-week sessions of this field school pack for additional fee of 1500 USD  (Please refer to the list below!).


Transcripts of Records (ToR) are available upon request for an additional tuition fee

For details please read the Regulations for obtaining Transcripts of Records!




Number of credit hours available :
15 (9+6) - NBU

8 - UCLA



Number of credit hours available :
15 (6+9) - NBU

8 - UCLA




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