GoBalkans Starts Tailor-made Tours for Balkan Heritage Field School

Considering that the BHFS participants could take advantage of their stay in the Balkans and visit more Balkan countries, the Balkan Heritage Foundation signed on December the 5-th a partnership agreement with GoBalkans - an incoming B2B oriented tour operator, specialized in multi-country cultural tours all over the Balkans. In July, 2014 they organized a brilliant tour of Istanbul for 6 of our students and we were happy to continue our cooperation further.    


Our partnership envisions tailor-made tours for the BHFS students outside current BHFS project countries, i.e. Bulgaria and Republic of Macedonia, esp. to Greece and Turkey, provided and administrated by the operator. All tours are exclusively for BHFS students & limited number of external tourists with attitude to cultural heritage and have a program and itinerary strongly oriented towards cultural heritage (prepared by the BHFS specialists). All tours in 2015 are optional (not covered by the BHFS reimbursement payment) but made to match certain session terms in the BHFS program. They include visits to the most impressive and famous cities and sites of the Balkans as follows:   

  • Istanbul, Turkey - 6 - 10 June, 2015. Departure from Sofia, Bulgaria.   
  • Istanbul, Turkey - 25 - 29 July, 2015. Departure from Sozopol, Bulgaria.
  • Athens, Delphi and Thessaloniki, Greece - 25 - 29 July, 2015. Departure from Stobi, Republic of Macedonia.
  • Troy and Istanbul, Turkey - 9-13 August, 2015. Departure from Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.