Presentation of the Results from the Fresco Hunting Expedition at the Second Virtual Archaeology Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia

Last week Dr. George Bevan (Queens University, Canada) and Miglena Raykovska (New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria) traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia, to present results from the two workshops held in 2014 as part of the BHFS Fresco Hunting Expedition.The conference, the second Virtual Archaeology Conference hosted by the Hermitage Museum, explored ways new digital technologies can be used to model and explore archaeological sites entirely in virtual space. The paper, entitled,"The Integration of Different Computational Photographic Modalities in High-Accuracy 3D Building Models: The Case of the Church of St. Petka, Bulgaria", deals with how Reflectance Transformation Imaging, Photogrammetry and Colour Decorrelation can be used together to enhance the documentation of archaeological sites. A great many thanks to all the wonderful students of the workshops held last summer! The paper will soon be available online through the Virtual Archaeology website:

We're looking forward to even better results from this summer's workshops in Stobi (Republic of Macedonia) and Pistiros (Bulgaria)!