Partnership with the National Archaeology Institute and Museum

We are pleased to announce a new framework agreement between the National Archaeology Institute and Museum, and the Balkan Heritage Foundation. The contract is going to cover collaboration for archaeological projects at Tell Yunatsite, Pistiros and Apollonia as well as future projects related to conservation, research, heritage management and documentation. It is in full force and effect from the 23rd of December 2019.

The present agreement has its roots in a decade of partnership between BHF and archaeologists from NAIM. Over the last decade BHF has been supporting archaeological excavations with dig directors from NAIM. Recently, in 2019 together we conducted a project for the documentation of colorful wall paintings in the Thracian Tomb of Alexandrovo, Bulgaria. Our team is looking forward to continuing our fruitful partnership with NAIM.   



Photo shot by: Ann Wyuts