Fulbright Graduate Study Awards in Bulgaria

Up to 4 graduate study awards plus one Bulgarian-Romanian and one Bulgarian-Greek grant. Awards are open to any field except for clinical medicine and dentistry and are for 8 to 10 months. The Bulgaria-Romania and the Bulgaria - Greece Fulbright grant is for 9 months (first 5 months in Bulgaria; the remaining 4 months in Romania/Greece or vice-versa, depending on the project proposal). Holders of bachelor’s degrees and holders/candidates for higher degrees are accepted. Applications will be considered in all fields.

Fulbright Fellows are due in Sofia for orientation program several days before the start of the academic year, which normally begins on October 1.

The standard grant benefits include:

  • monthly stipend - $ 1 000 per month
  • travel and relocation allowance - $ 3 000
  • research, book and incidentals allowance - $ 500
  • Bulgarian language training allowance - $ 500
  • health insurance for grantees only

The basic amount of the Fulbright grant is not increased for accompanying dependents.   

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