Donation from Stone and Compass Ltd. to Tell Yunatsite, Bulgaria

In 2013 and 2014 participants in the Balkan Heritage Field School unearthed at Tell Yunatsite the remains of a building and its wooden construction older than 6000 years. Surprisingly to all they were not burnt but still well-preserved. Considering the rarity of such a find in the Balkans where the environment doesn't help organic remains last for long and the emergency to complete their study before they deteriorate archaeologists and the Balkan Heritage Foundation started looking for additional funds. 

In May Stone and Compass Organization established by the BHFS alumnus Mr. Robert Goodwin and his wife Mrs. Julie Kiernan donated 3000 USD for further study and excavation of the building dating back to the Chacolithic (fifth millennium BC) around the end of Europe's earliest urban civilization. The project will take place in July, 2015.

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