An Exhibition Celebrates the Partnership Between BHF and the Archaeological Museum "M.Domaradzki"

An exhibition about Emporion Pistiros was organized to summarize the results of the collaboration field school projects at Emporion Pistiros (since 2013) and Roman Road Station Bona Mansio (since 2016) between BHF and Archaeological Мuseum "Mieczysław Domaradzki", Septemvri. The exhibition took place at the Museum in Septemvri as a part of the international archaeological symposium named “Between the Aegean and the Danube: Thracians, Greeks, and Celts in the Balkans during the Classical and Hellenistic periods” organized by "M. Domaradzki" Museum & National Archaeological Institute with Museum, Sofia (NAIM). The symposium was held 19-22 September 2018 in the Conference Hall of the NAIM.

2018 marks thirty years since the start of archaeological investigations on the site of Emporion Pistiros (Adzhiyska Vodenitsa) near the town of Septemvri (Upper Maritsa Valley, South Bulgaria). Prof. M. Domaradzki discovered the site and initiated archaeological excavations there. Over these three decades, Emporion Pistiros has become a key source of information in research on habitation, inter-regional contacts, trade and metalworking in ancient Thrace and the neighboring regions, during the second half of the First millennium BCE.

2018 sadly marks two decades since the passing of Prof. Mieczysław Domaradzki (1949-1998). With his contributions in mind, the National Archaeological Institute with Museum (Bulgarian Academy of Science) and “Mieczysław Domaradzki” Archaeological Museum, Septemvri organized the event.