BHF Begins New Graduate Program with New Bulgarian University

In partnership with the Balkan Heritage Foundation, New Bulgarian University will now offer an MA program in Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology. The program is a new path for graduate students to explore the history and culture of the Balkans deeper and further, and includes the possibility of a continued PhD degree. Theoretical courses are taught online while practical courses (already included in tuition costs) are taught during the summer on location in the Balkans, combining the flexibility of an online degree with real world field experience.

The program is an exciting collaboration between one of the leading academic centers in Southeast Europe and an archaeological non-profit whose archaeological field schools have promoted and preserved the cultural heritage of the region since 2008. Those field schools will be an important part of students’ hands-on experience for the school, where they will spend summers experiencing sites from millenia ago firsthand. The sites, dating from early antiquity to the medieval period, are located in Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

The available courses cover a broad range of topics to give students insight into both archaeology as a discipline and the unique history of the Balkan region. Classes like Geographic Information Systems in Archaeology and Archaeological Theory in the 21st Century provide students with the tools to do fieldwork in the 21st century, showcasing techniques for analysis in both the field and the lab. Meanwhile courses such as Thrace and Anatolia in the 1st Millennium BC and Archaeology of Southeast Europe in the Middle Ages give students a look at the history of the Balkan peninsula, as well as context for the areas they will be digging in.

The program is led by an outstanding international team of professors working for universities from Bulgaria to Denmark to the United States and more. Taught in English, the new masters program is a chance to explore the cultural heritage of a dynamic region and gain invaluable professional and technical experience for the future.      

More information and to apply:  https: // bema-