MA Program in Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology   

*Single courses are also available

Joint Program of New Bulgarian University and Balkan Heritage Foundation

If a field-school experience left you wanting to learn more about Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean archaeology, you should check out our graduate program.  The program includes both online and practical lab courses in order to take advantage of both worlds:

  • the flexibility of online teaching will allow you to live and work in your home country. And, it permits us to enrich our faculty with specialists from around the world and offer a large and diverse choice of MA-thesis supervisors;
  • the hands-on lab classes and two months of fieldwork in archaeology or conservation assure the improvement of practical skills and preparation for a career path in archaeology. You will learn how to draw, photograph and analyze lithic tools, ceramics and metal artifacts. Furthermore, you will be trained in Reflectance Transformation Imaging and Geographic Information Systems in archaeology.

Successful completion of the MA program offers the following qualifications:

  • Archaeologist (CRM archaeologist, researcher or teaching assistant)
  • Museum curator
  • Cultural heritage manager
  • CRM manager
  • CRM technician



The English speaking program is open to anyone who possesses an academic bachelor degree. If this degree is in a field not related to archaeology, writing samples from a term paper, thesis or an essay will be required, as will some additional courses during the program.   


  • MA degree – 4 semesters ( = 2 years) with two obligatory fieldwork campaigns, one month each, covered by the program fees.
  • PhD degree – 6 semesters (= 3 years) with field and applied work as appropriate to the PhD topic.   
  • single courses run for a semester (Oct-Jan or Mar-Jun)

Language requirements

Students from non-English undergraduate programs must provide proof of fluency in written and spoken English.   

Terms & Deadlines

The graduate program may be started in October      

Enrollment deadlines      

  • May - to enroll for the fall semester        
  • for single course enrollment, please contact BHFS Admissions

For further information please check:

  Program contents         

*Any of the listed classes can be taken individually or as part of the full program

Code Lectures & Classes Academic Staff Type Duration Credits
ARHM001 Archaeological Theory in the AD 21st Century Prof. John Chapman (Durham, UK)  online course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM002 Prehistory of the Eastern Mediterranean and Adjacent Areas. General Setting and Local Trajectories Orlene McIlfatrick
Asst. Prof. Petranka Nedelcheva (NBU)
Asst. Prof. Bogdan Athanassov (NBU)
online course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM003 Social Zooarchaeology of Southeastern Europe, Eastern Mediterranean and Anatolia  John Gorczyk (Cornell, USA) online course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM004 Archaeology of Past Societies Assoc. Prof. Adéla Sobotkova (Sydney/Aarhus University, Denmark)
Asst. Prof. Bogdan Athanassov 
online course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM005 Maritime Archaeology and the Western Black Sea Phil Watson (UChicago, USA)
Adj. Prof. Dragomir Garbov (RPS Australia & Asia Pacific)
Nayden Prahov (NAIM/BAN) 
online course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM006 How to Write a Good Archaeological Paper Asst. Prof. Bogdan Athanassov 
Asst. Prof. Ilian Boyanov  (NBU)
Asst. Prof. Boyan Dumanov (NBU)
Asst. Prof. Petranka Nedelcheva
Asst. Prof. Zhivko Uzunov (NBU)
project, online course 150 hours 15 credits
ARHM007 Thrace and Anatolia in the 1st Millennium BC Assoc. Prof. Maya Vassileva (NBU)  
Dr. Angela Pencheva (BHF)
Asst. Prof. Zhivko Uzunov 
online course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM008 Archaeology of Roman Moesia, Thrace and Macedonia Asst. Prof. Ilian Boyanov online course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM009 The Balkan Peninsula and the Eastern Mediterranean in Late Antiquity Asst. Prof. Boyan Dumanov  online course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM010 Analysis and Documentation of Lithic Artifacts Prof. Ivan Gatsov
Asst. Prof. Petranka Nedelcheva (NBU)
practical lab course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM011 Analysis and Documentation of Archaeological Artifacts (ceramics, metal, coins, epigraphic inscriptions) Asst. Prof. Bogdan Athanassov
Asst. Prof. Ilian Boyanov
Asst. Prof. Boyan Dumanov
Asst. Prof. Zhivko Uzunov 
practical lab course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM012 Fieldwork in Archaeology or conservation (4-weeks) Asst. Prof. Bogdan Athanassov 
Ivan Vassilev (BHF)
fieldwork 150 hours 15 credits
ARHM013 Ancient Economies.
Philip L. Watson.

Asst. Prof. Bogdan Athanassov

online course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM014 Archaeology of Identity Dr. Bisserka Gaydarska (Durham, UK) online course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM015 Archaeology of Southeast Europe in the Middle Ages: Bulgaria and the Byzantine Commonwealth Asst. Prof. Boyan Dumanov  
Ivan Vassilev 
online course 30 hours 3 credits
Beginning of work on MA thesis online consultations 30 hours
ARHM016 Reflectance Transformation Imaging in Archaeology Miglena Raykovska (NBU)
Asst. Prof. Ilian Boyanov 
practical lab course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM017 Geographic Information Systems in Archaeology Asst. Prof. Zhivko Uzunov  practical lab course 30 hours 3 credits
ARHM018 Archaeology in Practice (4-weeks) Asst. Prof. Bogdan Athanassov 
Ivan Vassilev 
fieldwork 150 hours 15 credits

Defense of MA thesis



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