The Coastal Village of Emona (On Black Sea) and Environs

The Coastal Village of Emona (On Black Sea) and Environs   

Emona is a small village in the center of Bulgarian Black sea coast. It is situated next above the Balkan mountain’s easternmost cape Emine. The climate of this coastal mountain zone is under influence of both the Black sea and Balkan mountain with hot and dry summers and cold and windy winters. Weather in S eptember is usually hot, but rainy, chilly days are not unexpected. In the autumn the temperature of sea water is between 17 and 22 C.

You may reach Emona from:

  • Varna (60 km), the largest city on Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, an international airport and a sea harbour by either bus (stop at Irakli *) or car (app. 1 ½ hrs);
  • Burgas (60 km), the second largest city on Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, an international airport and a sea harbour by either (stop at Irakli*) bus or car (app. 1 ½ hrs);

*From Irakli bus stop you should hitch-hike to Emona (9 km) or arrange in advance a pick-up. A taxi could be taken in Obzor (20 km) or Sunni beach (30 km).

The present-day village emerged after 1980s on what was left from the older village, almost 

abandoned and destroyed during the years of Communist regime in Bulgaria (1944-1989). Behind its relatively new face, Emona hides an ancient history, relaxing ambiance in controversy of neighbouring crowded resorts (Sunny beach and Obzor) and friendly inhabitants, who consider their village as a shelter from “invading” tourists and hotels’ investors on the Bulgarian Black sea coast.

Near the village are the ruins of medieval monastery of St. Nicolas and medieval fortress Emona, cape Emine with a 19-century lighthouse on top and the environmental protected area along the beach of Irakli (app. 4 km from Emona). Because of the preserved nature and the presence of rare and endangered species- plants, birds and animals, cape Emine is declared as NATURA 2000 protected area. Cape Emine is an important point of Via Pontica birds’ migratory route and is a nice location for bird-watching of soaring white stork flocks during their autumn migration. One of the local attractions are wild living studs in the area.

Not far from Emona are the coastal resorts of Obzor (20 km), Sunny beach (30 km), St.Vlas (25 km), Elenite (9 km) and UNESCO World heritage town of Nessebar(35 km).


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